There is a lot of “Goat Help” information available today online or in printed form. Whether you are interested in registered goats, milk goats, making cheese, you can find just about anything. Some of the information can be confusing for the commercial producer who is interested in producing meat goats for the consumer market.

I decided to write a book covering some important aspects of commercial goat ranching. We have taken our twelve years of meat goat experience and put it into print to help the producer who is looking for information helpful in producing commercial meat goats. Some of the topics covered in this book are: Pasture Goats or Backyard Goats, Co-Grazing Goats and Cattle, Feeding the Kids From Weaning to Market and Where Do You Sell Your Market Goats. These are just some of the topics I cover in the book.

Read what Dr. Steve Hart, Extension Goat Specialist of Langston University says about the book

This book is just what the goat industry needs if it is ever going to make the leap from being a backyard hobby operation to becoming a legitimate food animal production industry. While there are many books about raising meat goats available, this one is different in that it is the only book that addresses how to manage meat goats on a commercial scale. Author Greg Christiansen draws on his years of experience in raising meat goats on a commercial scale to explain the principles of managing meat goats as a viable farm business. Greg tells you how to breed does that are capable of working for you and the necessary management to enable the does to do their job. He has excellent sections on fencing goats, working facilities for goats, protecting goats from predators, wintering goats and many other subjects necessary for raising meat goats. This is the most practical how-to book with real life examples of making management decisions to solve problems I’ve seen. For the producer seeking to raise goats on a commercial scale, this is the only book available with the necessary information and it will be the best money you ever invested in your goat business. Dr. Steve Hart, Extension Specialist, Langston University Langston, OK.


About “Me” the Author

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Kansas State University in Animal Science, I made my living for several years on cattle ranches to feedlots from Colorado, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. I then moved with my wife, Ann, son Tanner and two daughters, Megan and Ashley, to a farm in east central Kansas and began a row crop farming and cattle operation. About 12 years ago we started buying meat goats and began to grow a herd with the occasional help of my son Tanner. In a typical year, we will have more than 600 commercial does kidding, along with raising corn, soybeans wheat, hay and cattle.

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